Author Topic: Almost every Original Voice episode restored to better audio. :)  (Read 245 times)

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Hey guys, I found "Parents/Embarrassment" (original voice) uploaded to YouTube with better audio.

Now I went back to redo my HQ Tooncast rips of "Parents/Embarrassment" with the original voice in better audio
 quality with this audio source this time. That guy who posted it also posted VHS rips for the original voice versions of Politics, Growth Spurts, Cube Wars and Sickness, but I didn't need to use those cuz I already found those from before. But I went ahead to download all three of his VHS rips ("Parents/Embarrassment", "Politics/Growth Spurts", and "Cube Wars/Sickness") to my harddrive anyway so I have extra copies of the original voice. ;)

Now I got almost EVERY Season 1 episode restored with the original Macintalk/Word98 voice.

Yay, now the only Season 1 episode with the original voice that remains low camera-audio quality with the opening title card cut off is "Electric Boogaloo". That's the last one left we have to get with better-quality audio of the original voice. ;)