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Hey guys, I figured I'd put this up here as a gift for Robot Jones' 15th Anniversary...

I got all the sought-after Robot Jones episodes in DVD-quality (and with the Word98 original voice of all the Season 1 eps) up on a Google Doc for download. These can make perfect for a DVD.
The whole folder was originally 15 GB when I wanted to keep all my encodes in the original format (each episode was like, 500-600 MB when I wanted to retain the best quality without compression), but I experienced an issue with the "Math Challenge" video being processed on there. So I had to go back and compress every episode down to 80-100 MB to reduce the size of the whole folder to only 2 GB. The good quality in these videos should still be the same as before without any loss.

The majority of these episodes have been ripped off of Latin-Spanish and/or Portuguese video sources from Tooncast. So here ya go:
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