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Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Analysis: Is Shannon a Bad Character
« Last post by Kartoonfanatic on December 01, 2014, 08:48:40 PM »
However, in “Growth Spurts”, she seems even less willing to validate Robot’s presence and his feelings, and sadly, this is the episode that introduces the “Shannon who calls Robot names” into the mix. It’s not that she’s on her worst behavior in this one, but she does border on being hypocritical with her jerky comments about him in the classroom, and then when her behavior does a 180 at the end of the basketball game. “Politics” and “Growth Spurts” seem to tread the line between oblivious Shannon who cares about Robot only when it makes her look good, and mindful, ordinary student Shannon who’s reaction to Robot’s spitting out a flier the length of his body and Robot’s borderline stalkerly behavior by her locker in a justifiably creeped out way. The only reason I’m going to call this a Genuine episode, and not much by any means, is because Robot’s behavior does creep out the whole school alongside Shannon, and because she has no clear alterior motivation for publically showing affection to Robot at the end of the basketball game, which leads me to assume that her excitement is probably honest. 

Sadly, that didn’t last to long. “Jealousy”, I’m afraid to say, is most certainly a Phony episode. I really wanted to savor that moment with RJ and Shannon in her living room because it’s suuuuuch a genuine moment, but it’s not good enough to justify her behavior throughout the entire episode. She’s very rude to him at the start of the episode, as if he’d done something to piss her off within a few days of this episode happening. But assuming Robot would never do something to intentionally make her angry, her irritation at him seems extremely out of the blue. Yes, she got an F on her test, that should make anyone a little angry, but if that’s the validation for her turning her anger on Robot for being Captain Obvious, then it’s a pretty pitiful excuse. And after the first study date, we get our first instance of Phony Shannon. Not only does she suddenly flip to ignoring Robot once Finkman comes around, but she even directs her anger at Robot,  yet again, when Finkman takes a hike. I could understand if the logic here is that Shannon thought Robot had somehow beaten up Finkman and made him leave, as the chanting of Socks, Mitch, and Cubey makes it sound. But Shannon is watching the same event from the window, and clearly, nothing of the sort is happening on the ground. Assuming the kids on the bus can’t hear what’s going on outside, Shannon should still see Robot making meaningless angry gestures at Finkman and seeing Finkman just fall back into his crate, like he was too bored to have lived for the past 2 minutes. So her little rant at the end at Robot doesn’t even make sense, let alone is validated. Shannon’s hatred at him at the end of this episode only serves as more fuel for Robot to stew on Finkman until he actually has a mental brakedown right in the middle of class the next day—which, true to a lot of Robot’s behavior, is JUSTIFIED.

And it only gets worse in “Scantron Love”. Not only here does Shannon’s phoniness really stand out from all the other episodes in the entire season, but she is spooned into this episode when she could just have easily been casually left out, like she was with Gender, or just given a dramatic attitude adjustment. What bothers me so much about this episode is the way that they weave her into the story. Yes, if Robot is technically flirting with the Scantron, the question is going to come up of how Shannon factors into that mess. Instead of giving Robot feelings for Scantron straight off of the bat, and perhaps having him have to confess to the Scantron that there’s always been another girl he’s liked, Shannon is so forced into the episode that her behavior mirrors the big hulking bully who slammed Cubey into a locker. Like in Electric Boogaloo, she ends up being just another member of the student body who conditionally hates Robot until he does something good for them, and then demands that that service continues. Life really stinks, and as realistic as the peer pressure in this episode is, it’s a shame that it reduces Shannon’s character to dust. It’s a Phony Shannon episode, even worst than the last.

The next episode that should have some sort of relevance about Shannon should be Gender, but since she’s basically missing from this episode, there isn’t much to say. I’m doing a separate review of that episode anyway.

Shannon doesn’t appear again until the episode “Hair”, and her purpose in this episode is a little weak, but to be fair, so is the basic premise of the episode. Robot doesn’t have hair, and the only reason it interests him now is realizing that hair makes him look more appealing to girls. I was going to call this a Shannon Phony episode, but because she doesn’t even try to fake being nice to Robot during any point in this, it’s a Shannon Blind Hatred episode. She doesn’t even try to fake being nice to him in this episode. She outright screams in his ear for trying to help her out, and then gets annoyed at him for creeping her out in the hallway after he though he’d figured out how to give himself hair. There is absolutely no validation for her behavior here, it is. Just. Bad. The only parts of this episode where she doesn’t piss me off are the very, very, slight second moments where she seemed pleased to have her locker opened, and when she almost looked more concerned than creeped out by his experiment with the hair. That instant gave a hint that they were friends, but what was the reasoning behind her storming off so angry like that?

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it turns out that the next episode featuring Shannon turned out to be “Garage Band”. She’s only in the last one third of the episode, and nowhere in that timeframe is she being manipulative or mean spirited. Every word that comes out of her mouth in that exchange between her and Robot is genuine and meaningful. I’ll even pardon the “Are you a piano geek?” comment, because that affectionate smile she gives at the end after he dashed off could be considered a hint that true feelings about Robot aren’t that bad. This is the first episode that gives the slightest impression that maybe that the way she treats Robot in public is a cover up to protect how she really feels about him. However, there isn’t too much ground for this theory to stand on, sadly. Still, this is absolutely a Genuine episode nevertheless.

Between this episode and “House Party”, we’ve finally hit the second relief of Shannon in good behavior episodes. Boy, do I love this episode—not just because it’s one of Robot’s best and an interesting episode looking at Grampz and analyzing their relationship, but it’s the peak of Robot and Shannon’s relationship, too. It’s going to fall apart from this point onward, so enjoy it while you can. This episode doesn’t have Robot breaking his neck to get Shannon to like him, and the ironic part of that is that this is the episode where she seems to be the nicest to him. Though the start of the episode she shakes him and the other boys off with her posse of two other girls, she ends up being more of just a follower to the nameless girl in the black top in the middle. Later, when she shows up for the party, she’s clearly embarrassed by Robot’s little air guitar flirting, but she doesn’t blow it out of proportion or call him a geek and walk away. She even stays with him and agrees to sit down with him and talk—
And what goes on is that RJ attempts to make her more comfortable—by cutting her braces off. Wait, shouldn’t she be mad about that? Isn’t she going to get, like, grief from her parents about how her braces are ruined? She seemed pretty concerned about getting in trouble by her parents in previous episodes. All that seems to matter to her is that it did relieve her of some discomfort. Whether that’s supposed to equate to flirting on Robot’s part—by messing with the metal he finds attractive about her, or to get closer to her mouth-- I may never understand. Anyway, she reacts to this, perhaps a little overexcitedly, and then starts saying things that are pretty much the exact opposite of her rant at the end of Jealousy. Saying things like “I never knew we had so much in common,”—wait, what? Since when did they have anything in common? I guess she’s referring to his sympathy for her discomfort and awkwardness, or maybe even because they share a favorite song (Garage Band), and “I feel like I could talk to you,”—I guess because Robot is a good listener, at least in Embarrassment when she was babbling to him nonstop. And then she says she has a secret to tell him, a deep dark secret—and the awful part is that, if this line was foreshadowing a secret we were supposed to learn about Shannon in the future, we’re never going to know what that was now. At the least, it could have gave credit to her character, or maybe made her less of a one-dimensional character. Though considering she was going to tell Robot and that she was going to tell him right then and there, it is possible that A) She has some amount of secret feelings for him (sounds like a twist that would happen in a kid’s show anyway), or B) she just wanted to get him closer to give him a kiss, which is just an empty flirting device, but it means the same thing as A).
I used to have very mixed feelings about this episode, because her behavior here is so different from any other episode that I was sure THIS was the biggest instance of her being a phony. But looking at this episode on its own, there’s nothing else in this episode to indicate that Shannon was using Robot for her own gains. Yeah, sure, she runs away when Grampz goes after her with the claw—wouldn’t you run if a giant metal claw was gonna crush you to death? It’s sure not worth experiencing your first kiss for that. Overall, this is the most Genuine Shannon’s ever come through this entire season. She doesn’t have any ulterior motive to behave in this episode in a way that is kinder to Robot, especially when they’re alone, and so her dialog to him can be considered her true feelings.

(continued in part 3)
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Analysis: Is Shannon a Bad Character
« Last post by Kartoonfanatic on December 01, 2014, 08:45:19 PM »
I already posted this topic on dA, but I wanted to hear some opinions here, too. =3

So…. I’m a bit of a Shannon advocate.  I admit it. Please don’t send raccoons to attack me.

I got the idea for writing this up when I read TV Tropes's RJ page, which basically blamed Shannon for a lot of the issues involved with this series... that kinda pushed me over the edge to finally understanding why this character turned so sour. Now, a lot of the fans of Robot Jones on deviantart, at least in recent years, have had strong feelings one way or the other for this character, but for a time a while ago, I remember the fanclub almost unanimously agreed that Shannon was... basically pure evil. =P Things have changed since then. I don't think the fanclub's views are that harsh anymore on their views of Shannon, but it did raise a legitimate question, and those who wanted to ship Robot with an original character, rather than the love interest the show gives, did have their reasons.

The question is: Is Shannon a bad character?

Or, another way to look at it, as Peter pointed out, is: Shannon an antagonist, or one of Robot’s friends, and if she’s not really Robot’s friends, why does she deserve to be a part of Robot’s posse in the opening them? Why isn’t she on the side with McMcMc and Madman or stuck at the arcade where we saw her?
My theory is that because she’s an important part of the story, her likability (yeah, I’m using that word) got ruined through the overstressing of Robot’s attempts to make her like him.

I’m going to try to do the most impossible thing and… humanize Shannon. Duh-duh-duh!

So, since it inspired me to do this review, I guess I should quote what it actually said that got me thinking:

“Shannon was somewhat friendly to Robot Jones in season 1, but started being outright mean to him in season 2.”

This in my mind brings up a possibility of flanderization. But is that really so simple the caseWhile I was going to consider that idea, I think at each individual episode, she’s not kind to Robot in every season 1 episode, and she isn’t mean spirited to him in every season 2 episode either—my results being that it can be either hit or miss, regardless of the episode order.

The problem with her is that she has a split personality disorder. She responds to Robot in 2, if not, 3 different ways throughout the entire series. Was she meant to be a good character who has some bad episodes, or is she just a tool for Robot to do whatever the story needs him to do. I’d have to pull apart all of her scenes just to be sure.

To explain, let’s look at each episode that features Shannon and her behavior, especially regarding Robot: I’m going to define her overall behavior in an episode under 1 of 3 terms: Genuine, meaning either kind or neutral, as the synopsis of the series classifies her being oblivious to Robot’s feelings, Phony, meaning that even though she gives attention and affection to Robot, there is something in that episode that indicates that she’s using him as a tool to get something she wants, and lastly, flat out Blind Hatred, though this only appears in one or two episodes. I’m especially interested in episodes where Shannon’s bad behavior is weakly attempted to be validated through Robot being as insufferable as ever, and in some cases, even attempting to imply that HIM the bad guy, (though this type of writing doesn’t quite show up until the last couple of episodes).

The very end of the Pilot, assumingly titled “Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?” is Shannon’s first appearance on the series. I find it interesting that while we have proto-versions of Socks, Mitch, Cubey, and even super-proto versions of Lenny Yogman appearing the background in the breakdown scene, Shannon’s voice and design are actually finished, even more so than Robot, who’s slight design details will continue to be tweaked through Electric Boogaloo. Even though she doesn’t have a name in this episode, as the rest of the proto-cast does not, it’s pretty clear that how she appeared in this episode was intended to carry out through the rest of the series, so considering her behavior in the pilot to be canon is reasonable. Her brief interaction with Robot here is, of course, neutral—considering its their first encounter. Even so, the way that she asks if he is OK and then tells him to take it easy, without slapping an insult like “freak” on the end of it as she walks away is pretty surprising if you look at this character as an outright bitch. I’m calling this one a Genuine episode, because she’s complete enough in this point in production for her ignorance in Robot’s crush to become exaggerated into hating him. It’s even hinted that she might have some idea about what’s going on with him as he starts to spazz out in front of her, but because he’s a robot and she doesn’t know any better, she dismisses the thought. That doesn’t make her a bitch yet, just ignorant---if the statement about her being oblivious to his crush is correct.

The next episode is “Electric Boogaloo”: A second sort of version of the pilot, or so Greg Miller had mentioned in one article online. I kinda want to believe that this is just the second day of Robot at school instead. If we were to erase everything that just happened in the pilot, and this was to be the first time Robot would walk into Polyneux, than a lot of things wouldn’t quite make sense. The already established character relationships set up between Robot and Madman and McMcMc in the pilot would suddenly become vanished, and it would make their behavior in the rest of the series seem kinda unexplained. Without the pilot, we wouldn’t know Madman’s reason to be wary of Robot, and we wouldn’t understand McMcMc’s particular hated of him, either. For those reasons, I want to believe that the pilot and “Electric Boogaloo” occurred back to back. Even so, that doesn’t save Shannon’s behavior in this episode. While she only appears briefly and with Pam, who might still be a stand-in nameless character at this point, that laugh doesn’t do much for her case. In her defense, though, the other kids were being pretty awful too, and it was actually Pam, not Shannon, who was the one who egged them all into taunting him. In fact, nobody seemed to even notice that Robot was there until Pam pointed and laughed at him. This and Gender really raise my questions about Pam’s possibility of being  yet another straight up antagonist to Robot.
Unfortunately, this is still a Blind Hatred episode, where Shannon pretty much blends in with the rest of the kids and gets caught up in their hazing. It’s not clear why she’s there to mock him at all—if they’re trying to stress the embarrassment of his new crush laughing at him with the other kids, I suppose that’s a reason. But this episode almost makes me think that Shannon’s relevance in the show was suddenly dropped in favor of Robot’s friends, Mitch and Cubey. Maybe they just thought it was the time to see them interact instead. And it still feels a little jarring that the Shannon who greeted him in the Pilot is the same one who’s laughing at him here. But this is still one of the most minor instances of her character going from hot to cold.

Shannon doesn’t even appear again until the 3rd episode, “Cube Wars”, and her behavior in this episode is suddenly genuine again. Granted that she does awkwardly push the cube on Robot in a way that seems a little mean, but she was pretty frustrated by the time he got there. In fact, this episode hints at a continuing troubling idea of Shannon being, as TV Tropes calls her, “book dumb.” And not “just some dumb kid” stupid, as someone in Recess might say, but shamefully, stereotypically, teenage girl stupid. Yet it might be worth pointing out that she seems to have trouble all along the same lines—math, unlocking her locker, figuring out the cube—things that don’t make her necessarily stupid, just not math smart. This was either done to make Robot’s excellence in all those areas more impressive—or, if this were real world context, you could consider the idea that she has dyslexia or perhaps another learning disorder, but there’s an incredibly slim chance that that’s the direction they were headed, so sadly, gotta assume they just meant for her to be of average or lower intelligence. Not a particularly hopeful sign for her character. However, there’s nothing particularly nasty about her behavior in this one, so I’ll call it a Genuine episode.

Shannon doesn’t appear again until part b of episode 4, “Embarrassment”, and of all episodes in the first season, this is where her appearance is pretty much the most important to the story flow of this episode—that Robot needs to work up the nerve to ask his crush to the dance—thank. God. There are many ways this episode could have ended badly. For as pessimistic as it gets for Robot, none of the bullcrap that he’s dealt  in this episode comes from the person who he actually cares about. For the first half of the episode, she is pretty patient and nice during ever encounter she and Robot have. She even later goes up to him and tries to engage him in a conversation—something she did not have to do. Mind you, she’s kinda blathering on with mindless excitement in this scene, but it’s the only time she will ever go out of her way to talk to him, even if it’s just for a moment. This gives you the impression that they’ve known each other for at least a little while, Shannon would have to know Robot’s behavior roughly well enough, and yet she doesn’t seem to act like talking him is going to ruin her social reputation forever--unlike how she acts in later episodes. Some people might call her a bitch for pointing out Robot’s gas attack right in the middle of the hallway and storming off, but really—it’s a fart that blows a hole in the wall. Assuming Robot actually had control over when it happened, which he doesn’t, but Shannon would obviously assume he does---it doesn’t seem to evil of her to bail at that point. And her positive behavior at the dance ends up being the sign that this is a Genuine Shannon episode. This is about as nice as she will ever get without demonstrating romantic feelings towards Robot, real or phony.

Shannon appears in both “Politics” and “Growth Spurts”, yet her behavior in both parts of this episode are somewhat different. “Politics” is pretty basic: She’s fine until Robot does a robot-like-thing and causes her to run away, much like any other student, but there’s nothing here about her behavior that feels overly harsh. She seems pretty neutral without being suspiciously affectionate to Robot, so it’s easily a Genuine.

(continued in part 2)


Who's to say what order the episodes were actually made in, vs when they aired or how got numbered?

Good point... it's a little hard to tell but for the changes from season 1 to season 2, though some a segments look the tiniest bit more cleaned up, I guess, than their partner b segments, and such. They were really looking good by the time Rules of Dating came out. Assuming that season 3 would have carried over the best of what we saw of season 2, it's just another pity. =(
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Favorite Screenshots! (Up for Discussion)
« Last post by Cubey on November 17, 2014, 01:19:08 AM »
Who's to say what order the episodes were actually made in, vs when they aired or how got numbered?
But that late into season two? They kinda just got sloppy, if you asked me... or let in some new animators... 

They were probably running out of money for the budget and began to cut corners, probably after they knew the show was canceled.

Agreed. Though I'm looking at this old post now and not sure why I said that, since a couple of those last episodes like Rules of Dating and Garage Band have excellent animation and color. They even gave the school a makeover instead of leaving it whitewash.
Hey, does anyone think RJ looks a little... hmm... strange in "Popularity"?

The style in the Popularity episode was reminiscent of that in the episodes Family Vacation and House Party.

Robot Jones actually looked strange in the Hair episode.

If you're talking about scenes like this, then I agree. He looks off, almost like he's not focused... RJ's look in most of this episode reminds me of the pilot, actually.

However, this episode does contain this epic shot right here. For as corny looking as it is, I like it. I think it's the most emotion he shows in this entire episode, and shows a bit more of his personality.

OOH!!! THANK YOU DOMINIQUE!!!!! The Hair episode actually does look like that PILOT EPISODE!!!! Oh, boy I knew that Hair ep would look like the Pilot, I thought Hair was so strange from other eps. Hair would now look like that Pilot episode because Robot Jones was chubby and fat!!! And guess what? Hair and Pilot are the only two episodes in the entire show to be FULLY drawn and animated like Dexter's Lab. I watched the Rules of Dating and Summer Camp, those two episodes looked kinda like The PowerPuff Girls, actually.

Ah, you're welcome. ^^; Anyway, yeah, I'm glad you brought that up. The first half of Hair does feature Robot looking a little too, erm, robotic, or something. Pilot Robot is ugly looking in a lot of frames, we all know that, but I'm pretty sure that it was a rush job. And it gets a pass, being the pilot for the series: it appears they were still working on smoothing out the rough parts of Greg and Mike's animation style when translated by a group of separate animators and what not. Hmm, now that you mention Dexter, I can kinda see a few parallels in the animation style...

Oh, should I mention while we're on it the little interesting faces he makes in Summer Camp, particularly when Shannon was around.  ???
Hey, does anyone think RJ looks a little... hmm... strange in "Popularity"?

The style in the Popularity episode was reminiscent of that in the episodes Family Vacation and House Party.

Robot Jones actually looked strange in the Hair episode.

If you're talking about scenes like this, then I agree. He looks off, almost like he's not focused... RJ's look in most of this episode reminds me of the pilot, actually.

However, this episode does contain this epic shot right here. For as corny looking as it is, I like it. I think it's the most emotion he shows in this entire episode, and shows a bit more of his personality.

OOH!!! THANK YOU DOMINIQUE!!!!! The Hair episode actually does look like that PILOT EPISODE!!!! Oh, boy I knew that Hair ep would look like the Pilot, I thought Hair was so strange from other eps. Hair would now look like that Pilot episode because Robot Jones was chubby and fat!!! And guess what? Hair and Pilot are the only two episodes in the entire show to be FULLY drawn and animated like Dexter's Lab. I watched the Rules of Dating and Summer Camp, those two episodes looked kinda like The PowerPuff Girls, actually.
Well, I guess I should probably start actually posting screenshots now, per the OP.


"I have shut down and gone to Heaven."

There's a really low quality version of this shot floating around on the internet here and there, so I thought it'd be worth uploading one in decent quality (well, semi-decent).

Nice Sega of America Dr. Robotnik eyes you've got there, Jones. I think this is actually the most angry-looking we see him in the entire show, and it's over a fucking arcade game!

"I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free!" Until Robot Jones takes it over, then you're fucked. Speaking of which...

If Safety Patrol wasn't intended as a foreshadowing to the original planned ending where Robot takes over Earth and enslaves or kills the human race, then I'll eat my hat (or bucket).

I always wanted to know why he had an organic-looking heart like that. I'm probably over-thinking it and it's just cartoon logic in effect, but I feel like Robot Jones was better than "just cartoon logic". Oh well, I guess we'll never know.

Pictured above is RJ reacting to his fans on Tumblr.

Honestly, we should consider ourselves lucky that no sick fuck has made macrophilia porn based on this scene, though now that I've said that, someone probably will. Oops, me and my big mouth. And speaking of people who can't shut the fuck up...

Of all the WHtRJ villains, Madman is the only one I actually like as a character. Yes, he's a nuisance for Robot and friends, but his status as an irritant isn't because of some petty, spiteful grudge like Mr. McMcMc's (McMcMc can go die in a fucking fire) or that of the Yogman Twins, but rather a genuine misunderstanding about and honest-to-God fear of technology. A lot of the time, he's doing things which you're supposed to do when you're a principal (like in Hookie 101 when he tried to apprehend RJ and friends for bunking school, though it seemed rather harsh for him to want to expel them over that; not that it mattered, anyway, because Dad Unit beat him up and got him arrested, which I'll admit was very funny  :P), and he actually ended up saving the day in Sickness by putting the Yogmans in detention for giving Robot a computer virus (and, if I recall correctly, that was the only time the Yogmans ever had to face punishment for their actions). This shot above perfectly captures Madman's character in my humble opinion; he's silly, he's full of himself, and he has no idea what he's doing.
...Though his Hitler mustache and haircut raise some disturbing questions about his ideology. :P

Ladies and gentleman, I present: Robot Jones' rape face.

I can't tell if he looks terrifying or adorable here.

I think that this is the only shot on the show where we see Robot pulling "the stink eye" at someone. This is no huge loss where I'm concerned, as "the stink eye" has been thoroughly ruined for me by Invader Zim (yes, that's right, I don't like IZ, come at me bro). Also, trying to do "the stink eye" in real life makes you look fucking retarded.
Anyway, that's all from me for now.

Oh boy, where to begin, where to begin? First off, thanks for sharing the spooky PU To PE shot. That scene used to actually give me the chills as a kid. :O It was the one scene I remembered the most after the show had been cancelled.

Second, I love his expression right here in the 2nd pick, what a little cutie. :3 But I find this one line of dialog even more interesting. Remember when we were discussing if Robot might believe in God and even be religious? Well, isn't this evidence that he is? I mean, it might be logical to assume that robots don't have a faith, but right here he references heaven, and he's even used the phrase "what the heck" in Jealousy. That's a sign leaning on the side of him actually having faith. I think that's neat. =)

Third pic, this and this scene from Jealousy:

are irrefutable evidence that Robot is capable of such things as blushing, which I think is important if only because, in understanding Robot’s functionality, he is temperature sensitive. That’s also why the cold was bothering him in Growth Spurts.

Pic 4, oh yeah, I think this scene could even beat the PU to PE skeleton bot screenshot up at the top as the scariest moment on the show, but without the buildup of the shower scene. It's implied in the pilot and the notes for the show that Robot can get explosively angry, and implied that its the hardest of his emotions to control. This is an interesting branch of is personality that I wish the show had more time to explore. This scene in particular I feel is implying that some from of mechanical autopilot has taken over his mind that he can't really control, and he may even have resorted back to some primitive state of his programming.

Pics 5 and 6, we see him in front of the flag a lot, don't we? ^^; I almost wonder if Miller was using these frequent displays of patriotism mockingly, since the show seems to discuss anarchy a lot, too. This is interesting because animation is based off of School House Rock, and over a third of those music videos were based on patriotic history.

Pics 7 and 8, I agree with the foreshadowing concept, though I'm sorry to say that I find RJ's character fittingly unlikable in this episode. Unlike the other episodes were teasing or bullying or harassment MAY have driven him to extreme measures, and therefore the way RJ treats the students in this episode would have been justified, there is pretty much no reason for him to go tyrant on everybody right before this happened. When he wants into detention and gets chewed out by the other kids, it's pretty much deserved. Safety Patrol is the only episode where he actually earned the punishment he got at the end. Still, it's not a bad episode. I do like it because of the foreshadow element.

Pics 9-11, I'm not sure why they felt like they had to draw RJ a heart at all in these scenes, since it's not the internal device we're focusing on. In 9-10, we're looking at that hose thing, and in 11, we're looking at the slot where the Yogmans are going to insert that disk. There's really no reason for it to be shown unless we're seeing him suffer cartoon heart-break, where his heart literally cracks in half from Shannon's rejection or something like that. There is a more mechanical heart shown in the Pilot right here that might just simply be a closer shot of the basic looking hearts seen in those other episodes:

And I even noticed there seems to be a key hole right in the center. "Key to my heart." More evidence that Robot is an old fashioned romantic. x3

Pic 12, can robot's vomit? Robot can vomit oil, anyways. But starting in season 2, Robot started eating actual food like toast and sandwiches, and it was never explained why, when he had been relying on his cord for nutrition before. XP

Pic 14, agreed, agreed. Though I think McMcMc has his complexities, too, Madman's a far more enjoyable "villain" to watch. I like McMcMc for him being in denial about his flaws, and showing that even adults can be spiteful and immature at times, even more so than some children.

Pic 15,... wait, I just posted about that one to someone else. I actually thought that expression was cute. xD

Pick 17, this may be part of RJ's maturity, I guess? He doesn't seem to feel to make people look stupid to make himself look better, but he WILL be brutally honest when he's correct. As opposed to Safety Patrol, RJ behaves very classy in Math Challenge. He's grown aware by this point that McMcMc is jealous of him, but he won't acknowledge it, but he also won't let the man bully him.
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