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Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Matching art styles in RJ eps
« Last post by Wer wie was on September 28, 2017, 07:51:58 PM »
Wait, I think "Hair" looks a lot more like the unfinished episode "Obsession" (the one where Robot goes on a talk show), since both "Hair" and "Obsession" look a lot more like the Pilot. And "Electric Boogaloo" kinda looks a bit like "Parents". So I think "Politics" looks kinda strange from other episodes.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: "Risk/Robot Graffiti"
« Last post by Wer wie was on September 16, 2017, 06:39:00 PM »
1, Someone else actually saw what I wrote on Wikipedia at the time back in 2012, then copied it onto those LMW pages. BTW "Risk/Robotic Graffiti" were not banned, they're just either unaired or non-existent episodes.

2, I first heard about "Risk/Robotic Graffiti" when I rummaged through a list of RJ episodes on Big Cartoon Database back in 2012.

3, Honestly, I find it confusing. Despite your idea of Robot being in a gang, I believe "Robotic Graffiti" would literally have Robot himself simply writing, painting, and spraying graffiti (which the title implies) around the school and writes things to make fun of Principal Madman (like he did in "School Newspaper" but with newspaper articles). It could be graffiti like "MADMAN SMELLS", for example. But it's not supposed to be bad adult graffiti because otherwise CN actually really would ban it.

4, I think it's common to have Dr. Jones as a creator and inventor of Robot Jones because his factory is named after him. Now he's NOT exactly the ideal character YOU made up, so MY ideal character of Dr. Jones will look different from yours. And at the end of "Risk," Delaware indeed continue to be in ruins because the military army was unable to defeat any giant robots (kinda like how Squidward's house had done to a military tank when the soldier tried to shoot it in the "Good Neighbors" episode of SpongeBob). And yes, Robot would be back in school in the latter episode ("Robotic Graffiti"). "Summer Camp" strangely lasted only ONE day of summer and bizarrely led on to the next episode where Robot is BACK in school, "Rules of Dating." And if you watch the Cow and Chicken episode "Chicken in the Bathroom," you will see that "Cow and Chicken and their parents have perished in a 'freak milk accident' and that the show as a result has been cancelled giving the show a negative ending but it is implied the family were revived as they return in future episodes."

And "Risk" can also be what I consider the prequel to the planned ending (another episode) where Robot himself rallies a robot army to exterminate the human civilization and rule the planet (that would be a different episode, not "Risk").

4, Yes, Dad Unit dragging Robot to school (a scene from "Parents") CAN be the basis for my memory of the 'giant' Dad Unit, but as for 'giant' Robot Jones, no. When I saw that 'giant' Robot Jones, it reminds me of my memory of seeing Robot telling his friends a story of how he's going to conquer the city, then I see a transition scene to his imagination (sorta like what you see in the Arthur episodes) of being a giant Robot rising up from the city, complete with air raids and bombs in the sky. But that was bad memory, I just realized that "Politics/Growth Spurts" were the only two episodes I remember seeing when I was little because I also remember seeing a scene where Robot grows his tall legs and then starts walking down the school hallway, a little girl screams and runs past Robot in fear of him being tall, then Shannon said "Well, hi Robot!" and then Robot Jones pointed down at Shannon and says "YOU--MY-POSHENIONS--BUT-YOU-WON'T-INNINNIIS" (with a voice sounding like Sponge-tron from the "SB-129" episode of Spongebob, hence that's what I thought Robot's voice sounded like). And I remember seeing them with his original Word98 voice, and no, I never heard of Bobby redubbing Robot's lines until I looked up the show again in 2011 after I have LONG forgotten it and struggled to remember the name of the show.

Plus, when I saw a promo of the "Parents" episode (that's exactly the first ever time I've ever seen the show back in 2002), after I saw the woman screaming and running past Robot and his parents, then I thought I'd see a Robot Jones-lookalike with a BIG, FAT, ROUNDED, OBESE body stomping down the neighborhood. Plus, honestly for a moment, I also thought that woman (who ran past Robot and his parents) was Shannon, but that was during the time I watched it when I was little. BUT, when I watched the episode again in 2012, the woman turned out to be someone else.

5. Yes, more bad memory. When I looked up the show again in 2011, Robot's mouth looked ENTIRELY different and turned out to be a regular open mouth like any human, except that it's a RECTANGULAR mouth because he's a robot.

6. Thanks for the compliment of my RJ fanart. BTW my style of it even looks JUST like the actual show.

Lastly, I wouldn't put Madman sending Robot to prison JUST STRAIGHT RIGHT at the end of the episode, otherwise it would've been WAY too short and make NO sense. So however, I think the exposition-resolution of the "Robot Graffiti" episode should be as follows:

EXPOSITION: Robot Jones keeps getting detention at school due to his teachers hurling some hardship against him.
RISING ACTION: Robot starts to get revenge of Principal Madman by writing and spraying graffiti EVERYWHERE around the school (i.e. "MADMAN SMELLS", "MADMAN STINKS" and "MADMAN IS A BIG FAT UGLY LOSER").
CLIMAX: Madman gets pissed at Robot for spraying graffiti that's making fun of him (and I mean "him" as in Principal Madman himself) and instead reports Robot to state prison camp, where Robot will have to do work and LOADS of work passed onto him and other prisoners by General McCarlson (a character who was also made-up/rumored on some site page about "Risk/Robot Graffiti" as well).
FALLING ACTION: Robot starts writing more graffiti on both Madman and General McCarlson (same graffiti from before: "MCCARLSON IS STUPID" and "MCCARLSON'S A BIG FAT LOSER"), and then Robot gets transported to custody.
RESOLUTION: DATA LOG ENTRY: "I have learned that writing graffiti is worth breaking rules. Then I have been teleported from DETENTION to PRISON, then from PRISON to CUSTODY." FINAL ANALYSIS: "MADMAN + MCCARLSON = MALFUNCTION!!!!" (This is followed Robot malfunctioning and then blowing apart, like he did near the end of "Jealousy" and "Rules of Dating".)

And yes, I saw LSuperSonicQ's video, and also learned there was even an unofficial character "General McCarlson" who was rumored to appear in either "Risk" or "Robotic Graffiti". How'bout this, as I make up a fan story of the two episodes "Risk/Robotic Graffiti", maybe General McCarlson can be the military general who attempts to stop the robots in one episode ("Risk"), while he can be the prison camp general in the latter episode ("Robotic Graffiti"). Sounds like a good idea, eh?
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: KICKASS
« Last post by Kartoonfanatic on September 15, 2017, 09:48:13 PM »
In the Dexter’s Laboratory segment “Oh, Brother” (along with “Another Dad Cartoon” and “Bar Exam”) when Dexter raises to his room, after eating with Dee Dee, in the shelf of the background you can see the Robot Jones. ;D ;D

As it turns about, Greg Miller co-storyboarded that episode, so I guess we know why. =P
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: "Risk/Robot Graffiti"
« Last post by Kartoonfanatic on September 15, 2017, 09:44:46 PM »
To tell you the truth, I came up with the theory that Risk and Robotic Graffiti were banned. That's when I was I was reading Ren and Stimpy on the Internet and got my theory from a banned episode "Man's Best Friend" which was banned from Nickelodeon for its excessive violence, tobacco reference, and scatological jokes. I came up with that theory and thought Risk and Robotic Graffiti were banned for their violent content, so the fact that Cartoon Network banned these two Robot Jones episodes is entirely false. The REAL thing about the two episodes is that they were scrapped and/or unfinished.

OK, so your posts have only brought up new questions for me. Let me start at the top:

1, was it you write on the wiki page that the episodes were banned for foul language and mature content? Or did someone else see what you wrote and copied it onto those pages? Because Risk and Robotic Graffiti were listed as REAL, banned/unaired episodes on the Robot Jones wiki at least in 2012. It wasn't until recently that the episodes were removed from the wiki entirely.

2, where did YOU first hear about Risk/Robotic Graffiti? Was it Wiki listing them as rumored episodes all the way back then, or did you hear about it on (the site where the episodes were supposedly first mentioned about ever online).

3, this is just me defending myself, but I wasn't being serious when I came up with the idea that Robot would be in gang. When I wrote that, I honestly didn't believe the episodes existed, really. And part of me still suspect Risk and Robotic Graffiti might turn out to be myths made up by some unknown online cartoon enthusiast who may have gotten their own facts incorrect. That the episodes are entirely a myth, I thought it would be funny to draw RJ in hudlum attire (it's actually my very first RJ fanart and it's taken with a potato for a  camera Obviously gangbanging is not allowed on TV today, and PROBABLY would not get passed the soccer moms even in 2003, but it would be funny as hell to see RJ run with a gang of scrappy robot boys for an episode. There's probably a way to write such a scenario for a G rating if someone tried hard enough.

4, lol, Dr. Jones. Hang on, is the idea of Robot having a creator by the name of "Dr. Jones" common? Because, uh, that's kind of my OC, and I thought nobody looked at my shit... But I like your idea of RJ's creator trying to warn everybody about getting the robots angry before they retaliate, that sounds in-line with the show and yet eerily dark. What I don't understand is how would an episode like that end? Would Delaware just be in ruins, and how does that lead into the next episode, Robot is back in school. I like that for a massive move in the story arc of the show (if there ever was one), but that would be pretty wasted on a 15 minute episode where everything just goes back to normal at the end, don't you think?

4, Hmm... I'm going to have some faith in your memory of a "giant" Dad Unit rampage with the red sky and stuff, but that sounds a bit like the promo for RJ with the clip of Robot being dragged to school by his father and Dad unit smashing cars as he 'hops' through traffic. This one: Does this at all seem like this could have been the basis of your memory of Giant Dad Unit? There's also a scene in Parents where Robot imagines Dad Unit burning down the school, but it's on screen very fast.

And this image for "Giant: Robot: (forget that it's a meme, it was just the fastest way for me to find that image).

I'm only suggesting this because, quite honestly, a LOT of what I remembered happened in this show when I was younger on TV was different when I watched it again online. For one thing, I clearly Robot spoke in the TTS voice and thought in the human/Bobby Block voice. I have no idea why I remember the voice change happening that way, but I do, even though I know it's wrong. I also remember Mom unit being smaller and looking very different. I also remember the Parents episode starting off with Robot watching  live action TV ala Beavis and Butthead. My point is, I think our memory of short-lived shows gets really warped by the other media we were watching at the time when we look back on them later. It's possible you were watching something else where the robot becomes a giant and your memories crossed. I realize you probably don't think the promo you thought you saw actually happened the way you did, especially because a promo of these episodes would defunct any rumors about them being unfinished, but that's how I like to explain why our memory likes to recreate episodes differently than they actually happened.

5, I don't actually blame you for remembering Robot ONLY speaking with a speaker/orange grille for a mouth. That's a weird detail they through into the pilot and used again at different points throughout the series. Again, it's weird how people's memory of this show actually formed and how it differs from the actual content of the show.

6, I fucking love the fanart anyway, especially Robot and friends running from Dad unit. Poor guy doesn't always understand how dangerous he is, hence his lovability.

Lastly, Madmen sending Robot to prison... I can't help but imagine that it would go down like that episode of SpongeBob called Inmates of Summer.

Thanks for replying to the thread, I was genuinely curious. Did you see LSuperSonicQ's video on this, btw?

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Robot Jones Portuguese Rips
« Last post by Wer wie was on September 02, 2017, 05:13:04 AM »
BTW There were a few other episodes that used to be on YouTube in Portuguese and recorded off of Tooncast. I posted the rest of the Portuguese rips that Sdzen hasn't, but most of them are in less clear video quality.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: "Risk/Robot Graffiti"
« Last post by Wer wie was on August 20, 2017, 11:22:18 AM »
BTW Kartoonfanatic thought (from my theory of these two episodes being banned) that "Risk" would involve Robot Jones getting himself into serious trouble (probably not just at school) and "Robot Graffiti" would involve Robot Jones feeling what it's like to be in a gang. But that's not what the episodes would really be about, and the banning of these two episodes is not the case. The real case behind these two episodes is that they were just either scrapped or unfinished. If you wanna hear what these episodes REALLY would be about, here's my side of the story.

My prediction about the plots for these two episodes would be:

"Risk": JNZ ROBOTICS founder Dr. Jones visits the school and tells everyone about his chaos theory, warning everyone that all robots will eventually turn against their masters and attack humans, to which Robot Jones, his family, and the entire robot population of Delaware go berserk and start attacking all the humans in the state.

"Robot Graffiti": After getting detention several times at school, Robot Jones seeks revenge on Principal Madman by sneaking outside behind the school and spraying graffiti paint all over the outside back wall of the school, writing things to make fun of Principal Madman. Soon when Principal Madman sees graffiti of him sprayed all over the school, he reports Robot Jones to state prison instead of detention.

From what I've watched in a Robot Jones promo back in 2002 when I was little, though my memory is not very good, I thought I saw a scene where Dad Unit was in giant size and he was chasing a bunch of small people, he was driving across the road and the earth was shaking, complete with the city on fire and a red sky...

I remembered seeing this in that promo and I researched that Robots were never designed to obey their masters and could attack humans (if you watch the Robot Attack scene from The Simpsons episode "Itchy and Scratchy Land" (, you'll see a reference pointed out by Professor Frink and see what I mean), therefore this scene of the giant Dad Unit destorying the city leads me to believe that could be something for the "Risk" episode, but that was just bad memory I've had, y'all might confuse this scene for Dad Unit taking Robot Jones to school in the episode "Parents". Plus another bad memory I've had: when I saw another promo for the "Parents" episode (also I saw this when I was little), after the woman screamed and ran past Robot Jones and his parents, I thought I saw a giant Robot Jones (with a big fat body) stomping across the city. This could be another thing that leads to something that could be for "Risk," here's my drawing of the giant Robot Jones that I thought I saw when I was little (though it was just bad memory I had):

So judging by my bad memory of seeing the giant Robot Jones and the giant Dad Unit destroying the city, I think the "Risk" episode would even have Robot Jones, Dad Unit, and Mom Unit being turned into giant robots (50 ft. tall as huge as a water building) and destroying the city when all the other robots attacked Delaware.

And one last thing, in "Robot Graffiti," the way Robot would be spraying graffiti across the school would probably be like what such criminals were doing in The Powerpuff Girls (i.e. the Rowdyruff Boys spraying graffiti in the episode "Bubble Boy").

So it's highly unlikely the two episodes ever had mature content and were ever banned from CN. It's just that they were scrapped and/or unfinished, plus I had bad memory of these two robot attack scenes (that I saw in the promos) being the "Risk" episode.

Plus I thought that Robot Jones had an orange grille cloth radio speaker for a mouth, when I saw him when I was little. This is what I thought his mouth looked like:

Then when I went to search for the name of this show and find an image of this [scarce] robot character I recall, I found him but his mouth turned out to be different from what I saw.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Robot Jones Portuguese Rips
« Last post by Wer wie was on August 12, 2017, 05:23:44 PM »
I know. The original voice just gets annoying for ya. Literally, I just found out it wasn't Macintalk Junior being the original voice. It was actually a Microsoft Word98 text-to-speech "Junior" voice that was used when they were using a computer voice on Robot Jones. Greg Miller stated that via an interview.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Robot Jones Portuguese Rips
« Last post by Cubey on August 08, 2017, 07:23:32 PM »
I haven't watched it yet. I will try to soon. Although I can't stand the original voice. I have an odd official VHS tape that had one episode with the original voice.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: KICKASS
« Last post by Wer wie was on August 08, 2017, 06:59:20 PM »
The uncensored version of Growth Spurts with that KICKASS banner at the end has surfaced, audio-synced from the Portuguese dub.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Robot Jones Portuguese Rips
« Last post by Wer wie was on August 08, 2017, 06:52:22 PM »
So whadya think of the uncensored version of Growth Spurts? 1-10?
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