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That's awesome. Has it been 15 years already? Man, time flies. Can you buy the DVD somewhere by the way?
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Robot Jones Complete Series DVD on eBay
« Last post by Wer wie was on December 10, 2017, 03:48:07 PM »
Hey guys, I just came across a Robot Jones Complete Series DVD on eBay.

It's not an official DVD release, it's a fan-made DVD.
And I forgot to make note that my Tooncast copies of these episodes are better than Cubey's VHS rips because "Sickness" and the last four Season 2 episodes are in much better video quality from the Tooncast rips than from Cubey's VHS rips (though I wish the same for the audio).
You're welcome.  ;)
I downloaded a copy of all these episodes, so now there are at least two different sets of the entire series. Thanks for the effort you put into this.
Hey guys, I figured I'd put this up here as a gift for Robot Jones' 15th Anniversary...

I got all the sought-after Robot Jones episodes in DVD-quality (and with the Word98 original voice of all the Season 1 eps) up on a Google Doc for download. These can make perfect for a DVD.
The whole folder was originally 15 GB when I wanted to keep all my encodes in the original format (each episode was like, 500-600 MB when I wanted to retain the best quality without compression), but I experienced an issue with the "Math Challenge" video being processed on there. So I had to go back and compress every episode down to 80-100 MB to reduce the size of the whole folder to only 2 GB. The good quality in these videos should still be the same as before without any loss.

The majority of these episodes have been ripped off of Latin-Spanish and/or Portuguese video sources from Tooncast. So here ya go:
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Robot Jones Portuguese Rips
« Last post by Wer wie was on October 01, 2017, 06:20:26 PM »
BTW I surprisingly found more Latin-Spanish Tooncast rips of Robot Jones episodes somewhere online. Now that I have almost every episode in DVD quality, "House Party" is the only one I can only get a VHS rip of (though it's still good quality, though).

So I figured I'd redo all the episodes in DVD-quality using these Latin-Spanish or Portuguese Tooncast rips. I had to reuse the TV recordings of "Pilot," "Cube Wars" and "Groovesicle" from before, since there were no Tooncast rips of them. And the Tooncast rips of "Scantron Love", "Family Vacation" and "Hair" are in DVD quality but they are in slightly lower quality and blurrier than the other episodes I have. Plus I had to splice in the VHS rip in some parts of my Tooncast rip of "Scantron Love" due to a couple of picture glitches in two scenes. All the Season 1 episodes also have the Word98 original voice, for all those who are RJ original voice-lovers (well, except for Cubey).

I have them all on YouTube:
Plus I also have them available for download from a Google Doc:

The way I arranged some of the Season 2 episodes in a different order, including "Hookie 101" with "Summer Camp", "Safety Patrol" with "The Yogmans Strike Back", and "Popularity" with "Rules of Dating" (which is definitely not the original order for the episodes) wasn't my idea. I pretty much like arranging these episodes that way since I feel it kinda fun, but the first time I saw these six episodes out of order was from seeing it somewhere on
Bad news, Vimeo had recently caught on with NickDanielson's account (the one who uploaded MORE of the original Season 1 original voice eps) and took down all of his original voice videos. See? That's why I HATE Vimeo. They strictly allow uploads of no nothin' but ORIGINAL WORK, and now they're going after mounds and MOUNDS of copyright crap, screwin' up our uploads of LOST MEDIA! Damn Vimeo, drivin' me pissed off...

Well, I put up a Google Drive download link to all the Season 1 original voice episodes, this time with the crappy camera-recorded audio now spliced into the HQ TV recordings...

And SCREW CN, we don't have control over WHERE the Robot Jones episodes go! So someone hurry up, download ALL of these original voice episodes, because if they end up getting deleted, they're gone forever unless someone saves it in time.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: Matching art styles in RJ eps
« Last post by Wer wie was on September 28, 2017, 07:51:58 PM »
Wait, I think "Hair" looks a lot more like the unfinished episode "Obsession" (the one where Robot goes on a talk show), since both "Hair" and "Obsession" look a lot more like the Pilot. And "Electric Boogaloo" kinda looks a bit like "Parents". So I think "Politics" looks kinda strange from other episodes.
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? / Re: "Risk/Robot Graffiti"
« Last post by Wer wie was on September 16, 2017, 06:39:00 PM »
1, Someone else actually saw what I wrote on Wikipedia at the time back in 2012, then copied it onto those LMW pages. BTW "Risk/Robotic Graffiti" were not banned, they're just either unaired or non-existent episodes.

2, I first heard about "Risk/Robotic Graffiti" when I rummaged through a list of RJ episodes on Big Cartoon Database back in 2012.

3, Honestly, I find it confusing. Despite your idea of Robot being in a gang, I believe "Robotic Graffiti" would literally have Robot himself simply writing, painting, and spraying graffiti (which the title implies) around the school and writes things to make fun of Principal Madman (like he did in "School Newspaper" but with newspaper articles). It could be graffiti like "MADMAN SMELLS", for example. But it's not supposed to be bad adult graffiti because otherwise CN actually really would ban it.

4, I think it's common to have Dr. Jones as a creator and inventor of Robot Jones because his factory is named after him. Now he's NOT exactly the ideal character YOU made up, so MY ideal character of Dr. Jones will look different from yours. And at the end of "Risk," Delaware indeed continue to be in ruins because the military army was unable to defeat any giant robots (kinda like how Squidward's house had done to a military tank when the soldier tried to shoot it in the "Good Neighbors" episode of SpongeBob). And yes, Robot would be back in school in the latter episode ("Robotic Graffiti"). "Summer Camp" strangely lasted only ONE day of summer and bizarrely led on to the next episode where Robot is BACK in school, "Rules of Dating." And if you watch the Cow and Chicken episode "Chicken in the Bathroom," you will see that "Cow and Chicken and their parents have perished in a 'freak milk accident' and that the show as a result has been cancelled giving the show a negative ending but it is implied the family were revived as they return in future episodes."

And "Risk" can also be what I consider the prequel to the planned ending (another episode) where Robot himself rallies a robot army to exterminate the human civilization and rule the planet (that would be a different episode, not "Risk").

4, Yes, Dad Unit dragging Robot to school (a scene from "Parents") CAN be the basis for my memory of the 'giant' Dad Unit, but as for 'giant' Robot Jones, no. When I saw that 'giant' Robot Jones, it reminds me of my memory of seeing Robot telling his friends a story of how he's going to conquer the city, then I see a transition scene to his imagination (sorta like what you see in the Arthur episodes) of being a giant Robot rising up from the city, complete with air raids and bombs in the sky. But that was bad memory, I just realized that "Politics/Growth Spurts" were the only two episodes I remember seeing when I was little because I also remember seeing a scene where Robot grows his tall legs and then starts walking down the school hallway, a little girl screams and runs past Robot in fear of him being tall, then Shannon said "Well, hi Robot!" and then Robot Jones pointed down at Shannon and says "YOU--MY-POSHENIONS--BUT-YOU-WON'T-INNINNIIS" (with a voice sounding like Sponge-tron from the "SB-129" episode of Spongebob, hence that's what I thought Robot's voice sounded like). And I remember seeing them with his original Word98 voice, and no, I never heard of Bobby redubbing Robot's lines until I looked up the show again in 2011 after I have LONG forgotten it and struggled to remember the name of the show.

Plus, when I saw a promo of the "Parents" episode (that's exactly the first ever time I've ever seen the show back in 2002), after I saw the woman screaming and running past Robot and his parents, then I thought I'd see a Robot Jones-lookalike with a BIG, FAT, ROUNDED, OBESE body stomping down the neighborhood. Plus, honestly for a moment, I also thought that woman (who ran past Robot and his parents) was Shannon, but that was during the time I watched it when I was little. BUT, when I watched the episode again in 2012, the woman turned out to be someone else.

5. Yes, more bad memory. When I looked up the show again in 2011, Robot's mouth looked ENTIRELY different and turned out to be a regular open mouth like any human, except that it's a RECTANGULAR mouth because he's a robot.

6. Thanks for the compliment of my RJ fanart. BTW my style of it even looks JUST like the actual show.

Lastly, I wouldn't put Madman sending Robot to prison JUST STRAIGHT RIGHT at the end of the episode, otherwise it would've been WAY too short and make NO sense. So however, I think the exposition-resolution of the "Robot Graffiti" episode should be as follows:

EXPOSITION: Robot Jones keeps getting detention at school due to his teachers hurling some hardship against him.
RISING ACTION: Robot starts to get revenge of Principal Madman by writing and spraying graffiti EVERYWHERE around the school (i.e. "MADMAN SMELLS", "MADMAN STINKS" and "MADMAN IS A BIG FAT UGLY LOSER").
CLIMAX: Madman gets pissed at Robot for spraying graffiti that's making fun of him (and I mean "him" as in Principal Madman himself) and instead reports Robot to state prison camp, where Robot will have to do work and LOADS of work passed onto him and other prisoners by General McCarlson (a character who was also made-up/rumored on some site page about "Risk/Robot Graffiti" as well).
FALLING ACTION: Robot starts writing more graffiti on both Madman and General McCarlson (same graffiti from before: "MCCARLSON IS STUPID" and "MCCARLSON'S A BIG FAT LOSER"), and then Robot gets transported to custody.
RESOLUTION: DATA LOG ENTRY: "I have learned that writing graffiti is worth breaking rules. Then I have been teleported from DETENTION to PRISON, then from PRISON to CUSTODY." FINAL ANALYSIS: "MADMAN + MCCARLSON = MALFUNCTION!!!!" (This is followed Robot malfunctioning and then blowing apart, like he did near the end of "Jealousy" and "Rules of Dating".)

And yes, I saw LSuperSonicQ's video, and also learned there was even an unofficial character "General McCarlson" who was rumored to appear in either "Risk" or "Robotic Graffiti". How'bout this, as I make up a fan story of the two episodes "Risk/Robotic Graffiti", maybe General McCarlson can be the military general who attempts to stop the robots in one episode ("Risk"), while he can be the prison camp general in the latter episode ("Robotic Graffiti"). Sounds like a good idea, eh?
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